• Quick Polls

    Quick Polls

    A voting application where people can create polls that other people can vote on and share their opinions.

  • Expense App

    Expense App

    Create and manage your expenses with statistics and visualizations to help you in savings.

  • Property App

    Property App

    A platform of people looking for renting, buying or selling a place. Curates all available homes in a public feed for people to swift through.

  • Octane HRMS

    Octane HRMS

    Octane is a comprehensive HR solution based on SAP B1 and powered by Embee. Octane is an HR tool that will enable you to manage your workforce with much more ease and flexibility.

  • Samayla


    SamayLa is a web-based work management and communication system that helps users be more organized and productive. It enables teams and individuals to manage their tasks in a logical structure.